About Us

Who We Are

Makoro is a clay brick and roto-moulding Company. We are located near Palapye. We produce high quality clay face bricks and water storage solution. Our clay brick range is a reminder of the quality we produce. Our water storage solutions range from vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, septic tanks, slim line tanks and drums.

We are proud to be a Botswana company and currently employ over 200 Batswana people whom play a vital roll in our success and in return we help contribute to the national quest for job creation, which is the philosophy of the Botswana Government’s SMME policy.


Makoro Company that was established near Palapye Botswana in 1987 Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, keeping up with the latest in cutting edge technology and product design.

Improve Quality. Improving quality is a key manufacturing objective. Reduce Costs. Companies set cost-reduction objectives to ensure they can offer competitive prices and make a profit. Increase Flexibility. Improve Supply Chain Efficiency.

Quality Policy

As a supplier, it is our policy to ensure that our products adhere to contractual specifications and satisfy the customer in terms of consistent Quality and Service delivery. We are committed to maintaining an effective and approved Quality Management System. We will comply with all statutory safety and environmental regulations and ensure a safe environment for our employees and customers.

Quality Gurantee

Makoro Guarantees that all certified bricks supplied by Makoro, will adhere to the standard (BOS 28:2000) set by the Botswana Bureau of Standards in terms of their strength, density and uniformity of size and shape. All bricks supplied that do not adhere to the specification, will be replaced provided that it has not been built into the wall, unless proof of product failure in the wall can be confirmed.

Our Distributers