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About Us



Makoro Bricks are certified by the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOS 28:2000) in terms of their Strength, Density and Uniformity in Size,
Shape and Colour, assuring superior structural and aesthetic qualities.


When building with Makoro Face Bricks you are putting on display the, certified quality, bricks that your house is built with. This will add value
and ensure that your home remains a good investment.

Strength and Density

Makoro Clay Bricks are exposed to temperatures of around 1350℃ during the two week manufacturing process. This unique process assures the high strength and density. The high density is what assures that the thermal expansion and shrinkage, of a certified Clay Brick, is far less than any other building material, therefore greatly reducing the chances of cracks appearing in the walls.

Cost Effectiveness

Building with Makoro Clay Face Bricks is more cost effective than building with stock brick and plaster as there is no cost of plastering or
painting. Makoro Clay Face bricks require no maintenance which, in the long term, will save a lot of time and money


Before you start building your home, the quality of the bricks you choose is very important as bricks cannot be replaced after the house is
completed. So make sure when it comes to bricks you Always Buy the Best!


Different colours are achieved by regulating temperatures in the kilns and coal addition to the clay (No colorants are added). Having been
exposed to such high temperatures already, one can be assured that the colour of the bricks will never fade.

Success (Brief History)

Makoro Brick &Tile (PTY)LTD is a Clay Brick Manufacturing Company that was established at Makoro Village near Palapye, Botswana in 1987.

Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, keeping up with the latest in cutting edge technology and product design.

Product Pledge

We are proud to be a Botswana company and currently employ over 200 Batswana whom play a vital roll in our success and in return we help contribute to the national quest for job creation, which is the philosophy of the Botswana Government’s SMME policy.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Clay brick walled houses afford better thermal properties. This reduces the energy consumption.
  • Our bricks are made from Environmentally Friendly Material which is Clay and Water.
  • Clay Brick Buildings have a lifecycle of over 500 years. The longer a building stands, the less strain is put on Natural Recourses to replace it.

Product Features

The Makoro Clay Brick range is a timeless reminder of the Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness of our Clay Face Bricks. With us you get very High Quality yet Competitively Priced products that are Sustainable, Cost effective, Maintenance Free and Environmentally Friendly


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